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Write a Professional Cover Letter

Set yourself apart from the others vying for a particular job with a carefully worded cover letter that tells employers you are a serious professional.

Use the cover letter to say a few general, yet important, things about yourself. Also, set your resume apart from the competition and impress employers with your professionalism through highlighting the skills and experiences that make you a "must interview" job seeker.

The perfect cover letter is short and concise. It features only information relevant to the position that has attracted your application. Build the cover letter just like what it is -- a business letter. All cover letters should include:

  • Your name, address and other contact information at the top. Ensure that your e-mail address is professional in tone and does not include any nick-names, slang, or other unprofessional catch phrases. If necessary, get a new e-mail address that is professional. You also should place this professional e-mail on your resume;

  • The date you write the letter;

  • The name (if available) and address of the contact person, exactly as it appears in the job posting or advertisement;

  • Salutation using the person's name or "Dear Sir or Madam";

  • Statement of your purpose in writing -- that you are applying for a job and identify it exactly as the position is named in the posting or advertisement;

  • Highlight a few of your qualifications, experiences, skills and knowledge that align nicely with the skills and duties described in the posting or advertisement;

  • Close the letter by showing enthusiasm for further contact about the position and include your telephone number;

  • Finish with "Sincerely," and leave at least four lines of white-space to sign your name above your typed name;

  • Print the cover letter for proofreading by you and others. Do not try to proof on a computer monitor or trust the spell-check function of a word processor; and

  • If you are enclosing a resume and references (if required), indicate you are doing this after your signature in a manner such as "Enclosures: Resume and References."

Eager J. Seeker Phone: (222) 555-1234

1234 Street Address, Anytown, Indiana 49085

October 3, 2021

Ms. Susan Smith
Job Title
Company Name
City, IN 12345

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am responding to your advertisement for a customer service rep (Job Name Exactly as Listed) in today's Hometown Tribune (Name of Where Ad Ran). My experience includes six years of retail experience, including three years as a supervisor.

Enclosed is my resume to give you an idea of my experience and training in this area, including:

  • Proven customer service expertise;
  • Inventory control, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel;
  • Team building and staff management; and
  • Demonstrated dependability and problem-solving skills.

I welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my skills would match the duties of the customer service rep (Job Name) position. I am available for an interview at your convenience, and I can be reached at the phone number and address listed.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Eager J. Seeker

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