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How to Start an Apprenticeship or SEAL?

Follow These Steps:

1. Find an Intermediary to help build your program:


2. Find an Occupation:

3. Wage

  • Determine starting and ending wage

4. Length

  • <1 Year (SEAL or Pre-Apprenticeship)
  • > Registered Apprenticeship

5. Training Provider

6. Mentor

  • 1:1 Mentor required by Registered Apprenticeship (Mentors submit application to DOL with RAP application)
  • SEAL/Pre-Apprenticeship Mentors are not certified but are encouraged to complete available online training

7. Required Certificates

  • RAP – Included in DOL Registered Program
  • SEAL/Pre-Apprenticeship must include certification from the DWD Promoted List. DWD: Indiana's Promoted Industry Certifications

8. Register with DOL or Certify with the Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship