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Water Trail Camping

If you like boating on Indiana streams and want to add camping to your adventure, this site can help with locations to camp. All of the sites listed below allow boaters to access and use campsites from the water. Most sites have a fee involved. Before visiting any of these sites, it is recommended that you check with the managing entity to confirm availability and current condition.

Camping without permission at locations that are not dedicated campsites could be considered trespassing. Many people believe that islands and other land along streams are owned by the state and are open for public use and camping. This is not necessarily true. Unless listed below, publicly owned access sites, parks and other areas along streams do not allow camping. On waterways not listed as navigable, islands and lands along the streams are generally privately owned and should not be used. Even on navigable waterways, only land below the normal high water mark is considered held in public trust by the state. Additional information about navigability and rights to public use, including a navigable waterway roster, is at

All camping, in both campgrounds and in natural areas, should follow the Leave No Trace principles.

These locations offer camping to the public along streams in Indiana. They are all accessible from the water and canoeists are welcome.

It is recommended that you check with each site before visiting to confirm availability and current condition.

To have a campground added to this list, please contact:

Allen Hurst
Trails Coordinator

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