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Canoe/Kayak Rentals

Indiana Canoe & Kayak Rental Interactive Map

Whether you're a first-time adventurer or an experienced water explorer who needs a helping hand with transportation, use this map to connect with outfitters that provide watercraft rentals and other paddling related services. Outfitters have been divided into three distinct categories: water trail, lake & reservoir, and off-site.

Outfitter Classifications

  • Water Trail outfitters offer paddling from one access point to another along a river, creek, or stream. Shuttling is typically offered.
  • Lake & Reservoir outfitters offer paddling in a large body of water where the put-in and get-out are at the same access point.
  • Off-site outfitters typically offer a rental service where you pick up, transport, enjoy, and return the rental yourself. Delivery and transportation to multiple water trails and/or other options may be available.
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Watercraft type, number available to rent, and services such as shuttling or guided tours vary for each outfitter. Please visit the outfitter website or contact them for more details. Inclusion on the map does not constitute an endorsement by the State of Indiana or DNR. Hyperlinks to external websites are provided for informational purposes only.

Information about rentals on state properties can be found on the Lake Permits, Boating Fees & Rentals page.

To have an outfitter added to the map, please contact:

Allen Hurst
Trails Coordinator

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