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Hikers on a trail during spring.Backpacking combines hiking and camping, two of the most popular outdoor recreation activities. Indiana has a few scenic trails for backpacking. Other states may have longer and more popular backpacking trails, but Indiana’s trails satisfy many backpackers’ need for adventure and solitude. These trails can be perfect for a beginner’s first trek, as preparation for a longer backpacking trip, or for providing seasoned veterans with a backcountry escape.

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Where to go

Where to Backpack

This interactive map showcases backpacking trails in Indiana and their amenities. It includes backpacking trails, noting whether they allow dispersed (i.e., back-country) camping and their designated campsites, campgrounds, shelters, trailheads, and parking. This map is for planning purposes, not for on-the-ground navigation.

Be aware that many backpacking trails allow mountain biking, horseback riding, and/or other recreations. Practice proper multi-use trail etiquette and share the trail.

Different trails have different managing entities and policies. Please refer to property/trail websites for contacts, rules, regulations, and restrictions on dispersed camping, sign-in protocols, registrations, and fees, as well as for any trail closures or re-routes.

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Trail listing

Below you will find a listing of trails in Indiana that are at least 10 miles long, have a natural surface, and have a least one camping option along or near the trail. Camping options may include backcountry camping, camping shelters, designated primitive camp sites, or access to a campground. Some of the trails are multi-use so hikers may encounter mountain bikers or horses. All the trails listed below are managed by either Indiana State Parks, Indiana Division of Forestry, or the Hoosier National Forest. Each agencies policies may differ, so be sure to research their rules and regulations before hitting the trail. Also please note that some properties in this listing have a gate and/or camping fees.


Back-country camping
Backcountry Camping


Mountain bike
Mountain Biking


Camping shelter
Camping Shelter

Indiana map of trails

DNR Trails

1. Adventure Hiking Trail
25 Miles
Harrison-Crawford State Forest
O’Bannon Woods State Park
HikingCampingBack-country camping Camping shelterMountain bike

2. Adena Trace Loop
25 Miles
Brookville Lake
Hiking Camping

3. Bloodroot Trail
13 Miles
Salamonie Lake
Hiking Camping Horse Mountain bike

4. Knobstone Trail
60 Miles
Jackson-Washington and Clark State Forests
Hiking Back-country camping

5. Low Gap Trail
9.8 Miles
Morgan-Monroe State Forest
Hiking CampingBack-country camping

6. Tecumseh Trail
42 miles
Morgan-Monroe State Forest
Yellowwood State Forest
Hiking Camping Back-country camping Camping shelter

7. Three Lakes Trail
9.5 Miles
Morgan-Monroe State Forest
Hiking Camping

Hoosier National Forest Trails

8. Birdseye Trail, 11.6 Miles
9. Charles C. Deam Wilderness, 36 total miles
10. German Ridge Trail,  24 miles
11. Hickory Ridge Trail, 48.7 miles
12. Mogan Ridge Trails,* 19 miles
13. Oriole Trails,* 13.7 miles
14. Shirley Creek Trail,  17 miles
15. Spring Valley Trail, 12 miles
16. Two Lakes Loop Trail, 15.7 miles
17. Young’s Creek Trail, 11.6 miles

*Includes both East and West Trails

Hoosier National Forest

Hiking Camping Back-country camping HorseMountain biking

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