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Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)

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  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources Organization Chart
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources Divisions
  • Other Related Indiana Government Offices
  • Acknowledgments
  • Statewide Outdoor Recreation Plan
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund


  • Research Study Finds that People Want Quality of Place, and Businesses Follow People
  • Research Shows that Experiences with Nature May Promote Formal Learning and Stewardship
  • Indiana’s Obesity Epidemic is Still Increasing
  • Indiana’s Economy May Slow Down Soon
  • Indiana Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Contributing to Indiana’s Economy More than Ever
  • Outdoor Recreation Goals for Public Parks and Recreation Providers and Stakeholders

Chapter 1: The Surveys

  • The Outdoor Recreation Participation Survey
  • The Local Park and Recreation Provider Study

Chapter 2: Themes & Trends

  • Survey Challenges
  • Mixed Method Surveying in this SCORP
  • Examining the Surveys
  • Recurring Themes in the Surveys
  • Needs Assessment

Chapter 3: Supply of Outdoor Recreation Acreage in Indiana

  • National Recreation and Parks Association Guidelines for Public Park Acreage
  • Indiana’s LOS Guidelines for Parks, Recreation and Open Space
  • Local Outdoor Recreation Acres Listed by County and by Region: Municipal, Township, County, and Privately Owned but Open for Public Use
  • State & Federal Outdoor Recreation Acres Listed by County and Region: State and Federal Public Outdoor Recreation Land
  • Total Outdoor Recreation Acres Listed by County and Region: All Public Outdoor Recreation Lands Currently Recorded in the DNR Facilities Inventory
  • Critical Counties

Chapter 4: Supply of Wetlands in Indiana

  • Indiana Wetlands Legislation, Initiatives, and Resources
  • Indiana Wetlands Acreage

Chapter 5: Accessibility and Outdoor Recreation

  • Access to Programs and Services in Existing Facilities
  • Who Benefits from Accessibility?
  • Nothing New
  • Standards and Guidelines
  • Program Access
  • Measure, Mark and Measure Again
  • A Word About Products, Designers and Consultants
  • Wrap-Up and Resources

Chapter 6: Indiana Trails Plan

  • New Trail-Related Legislation
  • New Trails Documents and Resources
  • Trail Funding
  • The Visionary Trail System
  • New Trail & Potential Trail Corridors
  • Trail Trends
  • Indiana’s Trail Supply
  • Comparison to Neighboring States’ Trail Systems
  • Demand for Trails In Indiana
  • Indiana Trails Needs Assessment
  • Progress Report for the 2016 State Trails Plan Goals and Strategies
  • Goals and Strategies for the 2021–2025 Indiana Trails Plan
  • Conclusion

Chapter 7: Some Resources, Ideas & Information

  • ‘Placemaking’ Data are Part of the 2017 Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Survey
  • PRORAGIS is Now ‘Park Metrics’ (NRPA’s Free, Park And Recreation Database)
  • Paying for Parks and Recreation During an Economic Recovery


  • Appendix A * Outdoor Recreation Participation Survey
  • Appendix B * 2018 Indiana Trails Stakeholder Survey
  • Appendix C * Trail Activity/Trail User Participation Survey
  • Appendix D * Local Recreation Providers Survey
  • Appendix E * Water Trail Survey
  • Bibliography

Complete Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

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