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Program Registration

Use when registration is required for interpretive programs and workshops. Email or mail to the property.

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

We encourage Indiana’s children to participate in outdoor activities and discover their heritage.

What Is Interpretation?

Interpretation is a communication process that links guests to nature, history, culture, and park services through memorable experiences. The DNR experts who lead us in providing those links are called “interpretive naturalists” because they do much more than identify plants and wildlife.

Interpretive naturalists encourage guests to discover the outdoors and value the properties they visit.  They help guests develop positive personal connections with our properties.

Each site has a unique history and resource management needs. Interpretive naturalists share that uniqueness through programs, nature center exhibits, conversations, social media messages, bulletin boards, and in many other ways to inspire, inform and arouse the curiosity of guests. Their ultimate goal is to instill a “sense of place” and understanding of each property’s uniqueness.

Interpretive naturalists are part of a team - a property manager, an assistant manager, an assistant manager for wildlife (on some reservoir properties,) office staff, full time laborers and mechanics, gate attendants, mowing and cleaning crews and lifeguards – all working together to provide a high-quality experience and “Service State Park Style” for each visitor.

You can find information about the talks, hikes, craft programs, campfire programs, presentations, demonstrations, virtual programs, and other activities offered at each property on the DNR calendarFind a nature center near you.

Want to be a naturalist?

To find out more about what it means to be an interpretive naturalist, contact Interpretive manager Angie Manuel or visit a nature center and talk with one of our staff.

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