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Arts In Indiana State Parks

Bowl hewer Keigh Ruble works on a wooden bowl

Artists look to nature for creativity and inspiration. At Indiana State Parks, we celebrate the relationship between nature and art by hosting artists, art programs and classes for our visitors.

Some programs listed here are part of our interpretive efforts, such as corn husk doll making, nature journaling, sand sculptures and photo contests that occur at many parks.

Other art events are in partnership with the Indiana Arts Commission and Traditional Arts Indiana. Both bring the arts to people across the state with year-round programming thanks to their generous grants.

Traditional Arts Indiana

Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) is a joint effort between Indiana University and the Indiana Arts Commission to showcase local folk artists and traditions across the state. Since 2012, state parks have partnered with TAI to discover local artists unique to the nearby community. Art forms such as traditional basket weaving, blacksmithing, quilting and even split-rail fence making have been brought to our parks for the visitors to enjoy.

Showcase days are hosted about five times a year and are listed in the DNR calendar.

Arts in the Parks & Historic Sites

Limestone art carving at state park

Arts in the Parks & Historic Sites is a partnership between the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The program is designed to draw upon both traditional and non-traditional arts and artists in Indiana and weave arts programming into the natural beauty and rural settings of Indiana. The Arts Commission approved funding for program-related projects that encourage the creation of, and public engagement with art, and experience Indiana's state park and state forest system and historic sites.

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