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Indiana Dunes State Park

1600 N. 25 E.
Chesterton, IN 46304
Ski information: 219-926-1952 
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    Indiana Dunes consists of 2,182 acres of primitive, beautiful, historic, and unique Hoosier landscape. It lies at the north end of State Road 49 in Porter County and includes more than three miles of beautiful beach along Lake Michigan’s southern shore. In the early 1900s scientists, recreationists, and nature enthusiasts, recognizing the value and potential of the Indiana dunes area, fought to have the region preserved. As a result, in 1925, the state park was established.

    Large sand dunes, located beyond the entire shoreline, have taken thousands of years to form, and tower nearly 200 feet above Lake Michigan. A wide range of habitats and plant species are found in the park, with vegetation stabilizing some of the sand. These habitats provide homes for many types of plants and animals. The lake also provides a habitat for many aquatic species, as well as a constantly changing fishery.

    Visit the beautifully restored Dunes Pavilion to reserve event space, enjoy a meal, visit the rooftop bar and grill, or buy beach supplies, snacks and ice cream. (Hours may vary.)

    During the summer, swimming hours may change because of weather and staffing. Please contact the property office for exact times before your visit.

  • Activities

    Camping - See campground maps under MAPS tab

    • Electric - 140 (all 50 amp service)
    • Youth Tent Area


  • Trails

    Note: For trail locations, view the property map under the MAPS tab.

    Indiana Dunes State Park offers motorized wheelchairs that can be taken on trails and around facilities.

    2. EASY (3 miles)—The best trail for early spring flowers and ferns. Climax forest is used for cross country skiing during the winter season.

    3. MODERATE (.75 mile)—Provides an opportunity to view succession in dunes area. Excellent for late spring wildflowers, including prickly pear cactus.

    4. MODERATE (.75 mile)—Goes through dunes covered with black oak forest.

    7. MODERATE (1.1 miles)—Similar to Trail 4. Most direct route from Nature Center to the beach.

    8. RUGGED (1.5 miles)—Goes over the tops of the three highest dunes of the Indiana Dunes.

    9. MODERATE (3.75 miles)—Provides the best representative view of the dunes. Good view of the lake.

    10. MODERATE (5.5 miles)—Hikers are rewarded by stands of white pine and a "tree graveyard" in Big Blowout. A good morning hike.


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