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Harmonie State Park Pool Closure

The pool at Harmonie State Park has closed permanently. The following are answers to frequently asked questions about the closure.

  • Why is the pool closing?

    Although there was a time when the pool at Harmonie State Park was often quite busy, during the last six years, we saw a steep decline in pool use. This decline in pool use, coupled with the need for extensive repairs and lack of lifeguard availability, made closing the pool the most responsible option.

  • Can’t you just pay to repair the pool and continue to have it open?

    Repair costs were part of the discussion on whether to close the pool, but not the deciding factor. Other major considerations included visitation, operational costs, and lifeguard availability. All things considered, the most fiscally sound decision is to close the pool permanently.

  • Are alternative recreational options being considered to replace the pool, in addition to the park's current amenities?

    Yes, as we look ahead to the future of Harmonie State Park, new recreation options are being considered, including a recreation building, splash pad, nature center, camp store, or other mission-related amenities. More details and a timeline will be available as discussions continue and funding is made available. Indiana State Parks is committed to developing programs, facilities, and services to meet our mission to conserve, manage, and interpret our resources while creating memorable experiences for everyone.

    The park continues to offer guests a well-loved campground, family cabins, fishing, scenic hiking trails, a paved bike path, access to the Wabash River, a nature center, and other activities to “make memories naturally.”

  • What about the camp store and concessions that used to be offered at the pool?

    The camp store has been moved to the park office. The concession operation is now closed.

  • What will happen with the pool and the building?

    The pool is being removed, and pumps and other equipment have been repurposed at other state parks. The building is structurally sound, and for now will be used for storage. The restrooms will continue to be used during special events. We hope to eventually repurpose the building.

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