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Cecil M Harden Lake - Hunting and Trapping

1588 S. Raccoon Parkway
Rockville, IN 47872
765-344-1412 / 344-1884

Includes the Raccoon State Recreation Area and Historic Mansfield Roller Mill.

Hunting and Trapping

Raccoon State Recreation Area offers 330 acres of hardwood forest and open field for hunting. Located in Parke County off Indiana Highway 59 along Ferndale Road, the hunting area is in the southwest portion of the property. Next to the entrance of Cecil M. Harden Dam, hunters will find an upland forest with hills and hollows. On the south side, the forest gives way to a cultivated field and the lake borders the north boundary.

Trapping opportunities are available through a sealed bidding process for specific trapping units. Contact the property office in late summer for details on the bidding process.

Cecil M. Harden Lake allows the use of bonus antlerless deer tags.

An archery trail and range are available at property. The parking lot is located at the front gate. The range is available on a first come, first serve basis, but can be reserved for special activities. To reserve the archery range for a special shoot, contact Raccoon SRA office at 765-344-1412.

At winter pool there is approximately 1100 acres of water for waterfowl hunting. During winter months, lake access is available only at the main ramp inside Raccoon SRA. For more information on hunting, trapping, or fishing opportunities, please contact the property office at 765-344-1412.

All hunters must register and sign the waiver of liability at one of the four hunter sign-in stations on the property. Hunter sign-in is mandatory, and failure to sign in and out properly may result in a fine. All game taken must be recorded on a required one-day hunter permit card that is carried with you as you hunt and turned in at the end of the day. At some properties, the card must be returned to the same hunter sign-in station where the waiver of liability was signed; please look for that requirement when you check-in. Take and use only one card per day. This system provides valuable wildlife management information.

Accessible hunting opportunities are available. Inquire at the property office or by calling 765-344-1412.

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