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Indiana State Park Alerts

The following alerts may include road construction advisories, blue-green algae information, park and trail closures, and other notices. Check with the property office for the latest updates.

Several DNR properties may experience high use. Some may reach parking capacity for day use on busy weekends, and close gates or only admit vehicles when others leave. For real-time information, follow Indiana State Parks on Twitter (@INDNRstateparks) or Facebook (@INdnrstateparksandreservoirs). You may also wish to follow your favorite property on Facebook. View a list of DNR social media accounts.

Blue-green algae

Blue-green algae is found in our lakes year-round. Under certain conditions, cells can reproduce in large numbers and can result in a harmful algal bloom (HAB). We test many of our beaches where people use the water in the summer, but HABs may occur in other seasons, too. Watch for algae accumulation, avoid drinking or cooking with lake water, and do not allow children or pets to swim where algae accumulation is present. For more information, visit or the DNR's web page on blue-green algae.

  • Brown County State Park Alerts (2)
    • FAMILY CAMPGROUND: All RVs and vehicles towing trailers MUST use the park's west entrance on State Road 46 two miles west of Nashville, Indiana. The park's north entrance east of Nashville has a historic Covered Bridge with a 9-foot height clearance and 3-ton weight limit. Oversized vehicles cannot use the north entrance. Horsemen's Campground: For equestrian users, the Horsemen's Campground entrance is on S.R. 135, five miles south of the intersection with S.R. 46.
    • All campground users should note that GPS directions may not always send you to the correct entrances.
  • Chain O' Lakes State Park Alerts (2)
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
    • TRAIL/BRIDGE CLOSURE: The Canoe Camp Bridge on Trail 4 is closed to ALL traffic, including pedestrians. Trail users will need to plan an alternate route that doesn’t include crossing at this location. Thank you for observing this route change.
  • Deam Lake Alerts (2)
    • SHOWER/RESTROOM BUILDING #2 CLOSED: Comfort Station 2 (serves Section E in the family campground) is CLOSED until further notice due to long-term foundational repairs that are needed. There are other modern showers/restrooms in the area that can serve the family campground, however, they are a little farther away from some campsites. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back for updates.
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
  • Falls of the Ohio Alerts (1)
    • DETOUR: Riverside Drive will be closed end of January until Nov. 20. Weather and materials may impact timing. The closure begins at Ashland Park, which is along the Ohio River 1/2 mile from Falls of the Ohio State Park. Guests should approach the park via West Winbourne Avenue. View a map of detour.
  • Hardy Lake Alerts (2)
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
    • FUELING: Due to unforeseen problems with the fuel system, the marina is currently unable to provide fuel. The property is assessing options, but a re-opening date for this service has yet to be set. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • McCormick's Creek State Park Alerts (3)
    • PARK RE-OPENS, PARTIALLY: McCormick’s Creek State Park was severely damaged by a tornado on Friday, March 31. The park is now open for limited use, and the nature center, saddle barn and Canyon Inn are open and operating. Public programming has resumed. Many park trails remain closed.
    • CAMPGROUND CLOSED: Due to extensive storm damage, the campground remains closed indefinitely. Read about recovery efforts.
    • VOLUNTEERING: If you'd like to help at McCormick's Creek State Park, please complete this form. We are still assessing damage. When it is safe, we will be in touch with opportunities to help.
  • MIssissinewa Lake Alerts (3)
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
    • ROAD CLOSURE: The Old Frances Slocum Trail is closed from south of Mississinewa’s Miami State Recreation Area (SRA) to near the entrance to Red Bridge SRA. County Roads S 700W and W 800S on the north side of Mississinewa Lake near Frances Slocum SRA are closed as well. Map of closure area.
    • Mississinewa Lake’s Miami State Recreation Area boat ramp and parking lots are closed for construction work until early April. The construction plan includes replacing the entire ramp, curbing, drainage, sidewalks, etc. To allow for the work the lake will be drawn down beginning Feb. 1. The necessary lower lake level will be reached by Feb. 5 and maintained for one month. Parking is still available at the archery range, beach, and restroom parking lots. Bathroom facilities will open as normal in mid-April.
  • Monroe Lake Alerts (3)
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
    • BLACK VULTURES: Birds may damage your vehicle. Learn how.
    • Comfort Station #1 at Paynetown SRA will close for demolition and construction beginning on Monday, Oct. 2. This is the comfort station directly west of the campground gatehouse in the A loop of the campground. Three other comfort stations in the A loop and one comfort station in the B loop will remain open for camper use through October.
  • Prophetstown State Park Alerts (2)
    • WRONG DIRECTIONS: Many mapping services (including Google Maps, MapQuest, and Apple Maps) provide incorrect driving directions to the park. Use Exit 178/S.R. 43 north of Lafayette to access the park. Do not use S.R. 225. There is no park entrance, and the road has a one-lane bridge with a weight restriction.
    • STATE ROAD 225 BRIDGE CLOSURE: There is NO access from old S.R. 25 onto S.R. 225. The S.R. 225 bridge is closed until further notice. Repairs are scheduled to start in 2024. Access to the park’s visitor center ONLY off of S.R. 225 (through Battle Ground) remains open. There is NO access to enter the park off of S.R. 225.
  • Salamonie Lake Alerts (2)
    • WATER LEVEL UPDATES: USACE will begin lowering the reservoir to winter pool starting Oct. 1; courtesy docks will be removed at this time as the water level lowers. Keep up with water level changes on the USACE website.
    • BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Found in lakes year round. Don't drink the water. Shower after you swim. More information.
  • Spring Mill State Park Alerts (4)
    • INN CLOSED: Spring Mill Inn is closed for renovations. This includes lodging rooms, conference facilities, and the Millstone Dining Room. Anticipated completion and reopening is late fall 2024. Read more about the renovations. Enjoy our other six beautiful state park inns.
    • DONALDSON SHELTER CLOSED: Due to significant damage sustained during severe storms on March 31, 2023, the Donaldson Shelter will remain closed until further notice. All affected reservation holders will be contacted.
    • The grist mill will not grind until further notice pending extensive repairs to shaft, water wheel and flume are completed.
    • Twin Caves Boat Tours are closed for the rest of the 2023 season due to low water conditions.

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