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Donating to Indiana State Parks

Donating through the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation


Boardwalk at Pokagon State Park

More than 15 million children and adults visit Indiana’s 24 state parks and 9 reservoirs every year. Visitors have access to nearly 400,000 acres of forests, prairies, historic features, wetlands, rivers, soaring rock cliffs and plunging waterfalls and all the plants and wildlife living there and providing diversity. You can help us grow and support this wonderful array of natural and cultural resources by donating to any one of these funds in our supporting not-for-profit, the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.

Col William Jones Home Fund

This 1800s home, located in Spencer County has ties to Abraham Lincoln's youth and teen years in Indiana. It is managed by Lincoln State Park and donations are used to maintain the home, provide period reproductions, and support events at the site. To support Lincoln State Park's efforts to preserve the legacy of Jones, choose "THE COOK ENDOWMENT" from the drop-down menu in your online donation, or write it in the memo section of your check.

Discover the Outdoors Program for School Field Trips

School budgets are being cut and field trips are often the first thing to go. You can sponsor a school field trip to a state park or reservoir nature center for as little as $100. Your support will allow children to experience Indiana's natural heritage through hands-on approaches that correlate with Indiana's science and math standards. Designate gifts to this fund by selecting "DISCOVER THE OUTDOORS" from the drop-down menu in your online donation, or write it in the memo section of your check.

Patoka Lake Raptor Shelter Fund

The bald eagle and other raptors from Patoka Lake have been used in programs to bring children and adults face-to-face with birds of prey for better understanding and appreciation. Help Patoka construct new raptor shelters that will provide safe and accessible viewing by the general public. Follow the stories of these educational ambassadors in the Patoka Raptor Journal. To support this project, choose "PATOKA LAKE RAPTOR SHELTER" from the drop-down menu in your online donation, or write it in the memo section of your check.

Turkey Run's Lusk Home Kitchen Renovation

Turkey Run State Park is home to several historic buildings. The Lusk Home and Lieber Cabin were both built in the early 1800s. If you would like to donate to the continual upkeep of these buildings, choose “LUSK HOME” from the drop-down menu in your online donation or write it in the memo section of your check.

General Park Support

Whether it is support for the purchase of land, helping to establish a new friends group at a property, support for an interpretive naturalist's nature center and programs, or purchasing supplies for trail building, this fund allows you to help us meet the most pressing needs of our Indiana State Parks. To contribute to this fund, choose "STATE PARKS" from the drop-down menu in your online donation, or write it in the memo section of your check.

Donating at Your Favorite Property

You can donate funds or supplies directly to your favorite property:

Support the Dwight Chamberlain Raptor Center at Hardy Lake

Permanently injured birds are used in programming for schools and families. Support is coordinated through the Friends of Hardy Lake. Contact Jared Everett, interpretive naturalist, at 812-794-3800.

Support interpretation

Interpretation is a valuable part of the visitor experience at our properties. If you've ever read a bulletin board for information, hiked a trail and read wayside signs, birdwatched at a reconstructed wetland, picked up a wildflower brochure, or visited an interpretive center, you've had contact---either directly or indirectly with an interpreter! Most of the programs and facilities offered by the Interpretive Services are provided free of charge. Your monetary gift or donation of materials supports our interpretive efforts. If you believe our programs and interpretive centers are valuable assets for Hoosiers, you can contribute in these ways:

  • Donate to the "bluebird" donation box at your favorite property.
  • Ask the interpreter for a copy of the property "wish list" for program supplies.
  • Purchase a gift card to a local department store for the interpretive center.
  • Make a donation in honor or memory of a friend or family member. Email for more information, or mail your gifts to Deputy Director for Stewardship, Indiana State Parks, 402 W. Washington RM W298, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Note property and provide contact information. Donations are tax deductible.

Support natural and historic resources

Conservation of our unique natural resources and protection of our historic features are at the heart of our mission. Your gifts can help us remove invasive species, purchase equipment for prescribed fire teams, and restore historic buildings and features. Email for more information or mail your gift to the Deputy Director for Stewardship, Indiana State Parks, 402 W. Washington RM W298, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Provide your contact information. Donations are tax deductible.

Indiana State Park Friends Groups

Friends groups raise funds for specific park projects and donate time and dollars to sponsor or support individual park events. Connect with a friends group at your favorite property or email for more information.

Indiana Parks Alliance

The Indiana Parks Alliance supports Indiana's state parks and dedicated state nature preserves through advocacy and fundraising for friends groups and projects. Learn more, join, and donate at

Receipts are provided for all monetary donations except those placed in property bluebird donation boxes. For more information or other giving opportunities at your local properties, contact the Deputy Director for Stewardship by email or phone at 317-232-4143. Thank you for supporting Indiana state parks and reservoirs, either through the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation or through your favorite property.

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