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Collectively, Indiana State Park properties have over 2,000 buildings, including more than 200 shelters, 160 playgrounds, 150 cabins, 27 nature centers and 7 inns with 631 rooms. There are also more than 700 miles of trails, more than 75 launching ramps, 10 outdoor swimming pools, 22 beaches, and about 8,000 campsites. That’s a lot of maintenance, so much time is also focused on basic facility care, cleaning, and mowing.

Below, you will find a list including some of the work Indiana State Parks has done and will be doing to prepare for your visits in 2023. Improvements include new construction and infrastructure along with some projects to enhance campgrounds, restrooms, nature centers, inns, and trails. There are many other small projects and events not listed that also help manage and interpret the facilities, natural and cultural resources, and the history of Indiana’s state park system.

We look forward to your visits this year!

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State Park Visitation

These visitation numbers are based on a combination of factors, including revenue and estimated numbers of guests per car. They are intended to be estimates ONLY, and are indicative of trends in property use, but do not represent actual total visitation, since not all gates are operational year-round, some park units (i.e., reservoirs) may have some ungated entrances, and factors such as weather and flooding can significantly affect visitation at individual properties.

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