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Donating to Indiana State Parks

Donating Through the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation

Over 15 million children and adults visit Indiana’s 24 state parks and 9 reservoirs each year. Visitors have access to nearly 400,000 acres of forests, prairies, historic features, wetlands, rivers, soaring rock cliffs and plunging waterfalls and all the plants and wildlife living there and providing diversity. You can help us grow and support this wonderful array of natural and cultural resources by donating to any one of these funds in our supporting not-for-profit, the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.

Col William Jones Home Fund
Discovering the Outdoors Program for School Field Trips
Park Growth Fund
Patoka Lake Raptor Shelter Fund
Turkey Run's Lusk Home Kitchen Renovation
Undesignated Support
Upper Wabash Interpretive Center (UWIC) Raptor Fund

The Indiana Natural Resources Foundation's mission is support and sustain the educational and scientific programs and policies of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Since our founding in 1990 we have helped protect and restore over 9,000 acres of land and contributed over $1,000,000 scientific and educational programs across Indiana. Visit our website to learn more about the Foundation's vital role in outdoor education and land acquisition or call us at 317-234-5447 and we will happily answer your questions.

Donating at Your Favorite Property

You can donate funds or supplies directly to your favorite property:

Support the Dwight Chamberlain Raptor Rehabilitation Center at Hardy Lake
Support interpretation
Support Firetower Restoration
Indiana Parks Alliance 

Receipts are provided for all monetary donations except those placed in property bluebird donation boxes. For more information or other giving opportunities at your local properties, contact the Deputy Director for Stewardship at (317) 232-4143. Thank you for supporting Indiana state parks and reservoirs, either through the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation or through your favorite property.