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Newest Nature Preserves

Toothwort Woods Nature Preserve

Toothwort woods Nature PreserveThis preserve protects 101 acres in Jennings County and contains mesic upland forest and dry-mesic upland forest. It is located along the Vernon Fork of the Muscatatuck River within Crosley Fish & Wildlife Area. It is within the Scottsburg Lowland section of the Bluegrass Natural Region.

This preserve protects all of the toothwort plants known to occur in Indiana. The site also protects river frontage, scenic ravines, and quality natural communities with rich flora, and rare plants and animals.

This site was dedicated as the 300th nature preserve.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Hoot Woods Nature Preserve

Hoot Woods Nature PreserveThis preserve protects 80.53 acres in Owen County.

This property contains old-growth beech-maple forest that was listed in Alton Lindsey’s book “Natural Areas in Indiana and their Preservation.” The property was owned by the Hoot family, who emigrated from Germany in 1860. It was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1973 and

is owned by Sycamore Land Trust.

Big Walnut Atkinson Woods Nature Preserve

Big Walnut Atkinson Woods Nature PreserveThis preserve protects 126 acres in Putnam County and extends protection along Big Walnut Creek.

Atkinson Woods contains small seep communities and helps protect one of the ephemeral streams that feeds Big Walnut Creek. The site contains upland and lowland woods of exceptional quality. Large mature white oaks inhabit the top of the west-facing bluffs above the floodplain next to Big Walnut Creek.

It is owned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Nature Preserves.

Limberlost Swamp Nature Preserve

Limberlost Nature PreserveThis preserve protects 719.23 acres in Adams and Jay counties. The site’s main features include early successional emergent wetlands with upland and floodplain forest. Tree plantings and shrublands that provide mid-successional habitat are also present.

This preserve has a parking area and more than 3 miles of walking trails. A variety of birds can be found, including short-eared owls, Northern harriers, waterfowl, and migrating shorebirds. Sandhill cranes and bald eagles can both be found here.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves.

North Woods Nature Preserve

North Woods Nature PreserveThis preserve protects 38.22 acres in LaPorte County within the Northwestern Morainal Natural Region.

This property contains dry-mesic upland forests and mesic upland forests, and protects one of the best examples of boreal flatwoods within Indiana. Some of the dominant tree species include red oak, white oak, red maple, American beech, pin oak, and black gum.

The preserve protects several conservative plant populations, including paper birch (Betula papyrifera), long sedge (Carex folliculata), and goldthread (Coptis trifolia var. groenlandica). Last, there are small examples of shrub swamp and sedge meadow along the southern property boundary.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves.

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