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Newest Nature Preserves

Elkhart Bog Nature Preserve Addition

Path over pond

This tract to Elkhart Bog Nature Preserve in Elkhart County adds 12.36 acres to the existing 216.12 acres previously dedicated, expanding the area of protected bog and associated rare species with more wetland habitat.

Elkhart Bog is a large wetland formed on top of an old glacial lake. A mat of sedges and sphagnum moss grew across the top of the glacial lake, creating a floating mat of peat, plants, and plant roots.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves

Bluffs of Beaver Bend Nature Preserve Addition

Wooded area

This tract adds 202.47 acres to the 210 acres previously dedicated for this nature preserve in Martin County.

This addition further extends the protected area of Bluffs of Beaver Bend Nature Preserve and includes mesic and fry-mesic upland forest as well as a portion of the riparian corridor of the East Fork of White River.

White Oak Cemetery Nature Preserve

This nature preserve in Jay County protects 39.64 acres. The main feature of this site is a mesic upland forest and the associate natural community.

The site is an open oak woodland dominated by oaks and hickories, primarily white oak and shagbark hickory. The understory is rich in wildflowers, grasses, and a variety of sedges. The cemetery includes the graves of several local Civil War veterans.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves.

Muskegon Nature Preserve

ship in lake

This 23-acre nature preserve is in Lake Michigan, approximately 1,000 feet offshore. The SS Muskegon operated as a wooden American passenger and package freight vessel. It burned down on October 6, 1910, off the coast of Michigan City in LaPorte County. On April 26, 1989, the remains of the Muskegon were listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The preserve was established to preserve the Lake Michigan natural area and the associated cultural values embodied by the Muskegon shipwreck. The preserve’s boundary includes the shipwreck and associated debris field and will serve to promote understanding and appreciation of cultural values by the people of Indiana. The debris field and the remains of the ship, including machinery and gears from the engine, lie in 32 feet of water. This shipwreck tells an important story about past events by providing information regarding our economic, technological, and cultural history, and gives insight into early survival on the Great Lakes.

It is owned by the DNR Division of Nature Preserves.

Clemens Place on the Creek Nature Preserve

stream and trees

This nature preserve contains 58 acres in Greene County. The property was owned by the Clemens family from 1858 until Bill Clemens, Jr. donated it to the Sycamore Land Trust in 2011. It contains a portion of the Clifty Creek canyon, which features towering sandstone bluffs and a karst sink.

This area was identified as a significant natural site by the DNR’s Natural Areas Registry, and its interesting geology was described in the 1921 Handbook of Indiana Geology. In addition to its impressive geology, the preserve also features a mature oak-hickory forest.

It is owned and under the administration of the Sycamore Land Trust.

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