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Lydick Bog

Lydick Bog

The Lydick Bog Nature Preserve was acquired by Shirley Heinze Land Trust in 2015. The property is 176.46 acres and contains approximately 85 acres of upland forest, 65 acres of wetlands including a bog community, and 20 acres of former agricultural land.

The bog portion of the property provides an extremely rare habitat in northern Indiana. It is characterized by a floating mat of vegetation with sphagnum moss hummocks surrounded by a brushy moat area. Several conservative plant species characteristic of acidic bog habitats identified on site include gray bog sedge, round leaved sundew, pitcher plant, winterberry, tamarack, poison sumac, bog willow, and large cranberry. A variety of other rare and desirable native plant species further indicate a high conservation value.

Upland forest surrounds the south and east edges of the wetland areas with relatively steep ridges nearer the bog. The forests are presumably second growth forest with trees of various age classes. Most of the trees are estimated to be more than 20-30 years in age. These forests is dominated by red and silver maple with some oak, hickory, and cherry throughout. A few pin oaks were found near the northern portion of the property.

Perfect Lake

Perfect Lake Natire Preserve

The Perfect Lake Nature Preserve contains 84 acres located in Steuben County near Fish Creek. The majority of the property occupies a prominent esker (a long narrow steep-sided gravel ridge) which offers great vistas over the lake. The upland forest is a relatively young pioneer to early successional mesic forest. About 25% of the property consists of Perfect Lake and adjoining wetlands. Perfect Lake is an undeveloped, mesotrophic lake with a marl bottom and healthy aquatic communities, marsh areas and wetlands including a significant portion of high quality fen/sedge meadow/marl flat.

This site has been protected for 50 years with the help of U.S. Federal Judge William Lee. The dedication of this site as a nature preserve ensures that Perfect Lake will be protected in perpetuity. Judge Lee was awarded the Izaak Walton League of America National Conservation Award in 1972 for his work in conservation.

It is owned and under the administration of the ACRES Land Trust.