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The Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center (INHDC) was established in 1978. INHDC represents a comprehensive effort to determine the state’s most significant natural areas through an extensive statewide inventory. It's part of the Natural Heritage Network, a worldwide system of Heritage Programs lead by NatureServe.

Indiana has an exceptionally diverse selection of natural habitats, which in turn supports high species diversity. To assure adequate methods for evaluating this information and setting sound land protection priorities the program is designed to provide information about:

  • Natural ecosystems
  • Species
  • Landscape features

The Heritage database contains more than 1,000 records of federally endangered species; more than 17,000 records of state-listed species, and more than 1,400 records of high-quality natural communities. It also has records for more than 700 significant natural areas in the state.

The inventory is a continuous process, becoming an increasingly valuable tool for decision makers and scientists as it progresses.

Uses of Heritage Data

INHDC prepares more than 2,000 responses annually for Heritage data information including:

  • State land protection and conservation activities
  • DNR early coordination
  • Corps of Engineer Public Notices
  • Public Lake and Floodway Permits
  • Coal Mining Permits
  • USFS National Forest, NPS Lakeshore, and USFWS Wildlife Refuge management planning
  • Information requests from private consultants and individuals for development planning and research
  • IDEM Section 401 Water Quality Certification Permitting

Request Data

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At this time the Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center is only accepting data requests submitted electronically.

INHDC maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about federal and state-endangered, threatened, and rare species, high-quality natural communities, and significant natural areas in Indiana.

Requests for this information is assessed a fee based on the time needed to complete the request. This charge is $42 per one-half hour, one half-hour minimum. Most requests take one-half hour or less to complete. An invoice for the amount due will be included with the completed request response. This fee is waived for non-profit organizations, other governmental agencies, and educational research projects.

To request this service, please submit your information through the online portal.

INHDC Portal

Please allow two weeks for return of the requested information.

For questions or support please contact Taylor Davis Astle.

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