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Wear It Indiana

Wear It Indiana LogoIndiana Conservation Officers are concerned with the number of people who drown on our waterways each year. We lost 47 people in 2019, 61 in 2020, and 50 in 2021.

Wearing a life jacket could have prevented most, if not all, of these tragedies.

The largest percentage of victims are over the age of 20. Lifejackets are for everyone.

Most drowning victims are referred to as “good swimmers.” We encourage everyone to learn to swim, but a life jacket is still the best option to prevent drowning.

Let’s all work together for a safe and enjoyable summer and pass the word to Wear It Indiana!

Indiana DNR’s Law Enforcement Division is partnering with the National Safe Boating Council, United States Coast Guard, and private industry to encourage boaters and swimmers to use life jackets when enjoying Indiana waterways.

Throughout the boating season, Indiana Conservation Officers will visit popular boat ramps and remind boaters that life jackets save lives.

Please help spread the word. Learn more about the work of Indiana Conservation Officers on the Division of Law Enforcement's website.

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