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Indiana Conservation Officer Salary & Benefits



Salary & Benefits





The trainee's annual salary is $66,000 plus benefits. Upon successful completion of training and status as a Probationary Officer, salary increases to $70,000. After that, salary increases each year according to the current 15-year matrix schedule. One vacation day is earned each month. One sick day is earned every other month. One personal day is earned every fourth month. Leave is accrued on the employee’s accrual date. Bonus sick days are accrued when the employee accrues a personal day.

Bonus vacation leave

After five years of employment, an officer earns three days of vacation; after 10 years of employment, an officer earns earn eight days; and after 20 years of employment, an officer earns 13 days.

Paid holidays

Fourteen annual paid holidays.

Life insurance

Basic Life, Supplemental Life, and dependent Life are available at a low cost.

Health insurance

Conservation and Excise police officers have a combined self-insured health plan that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage for officers and their dependents. The plan may continue upon retirement as long as eligibility requirements are met.

TaxSaver for health insurance

Employee health insurance premium is deducted from gross pay before taxes. This allows taxes to be calculated on lower pay, resulting in more take-home pay. This is a permanent tax reduction for as long as participation is maintained.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Opportunity to set aside pre-tax dollars from each paycheck for reimbursement of qualified medical and/or dependent care expenses.


Conservation Officers, Excise Police Officers, and Gaming Agents have a combined pension plan. The mandatory retirement age is 65. Early retirement options are available for those who have reached age 45 and have accrued at least 15 years of creditable service (reduced benefit); reached age 55 and the sum of age and years of service equals 85 (unreduced benefit), and age 50 and have accrued at least 25 years of service (unreduced benefit).

Separation of employment

Employees who leave in good standing with the state are eligible to be paid up to 30 vacation days on their last payroll check.

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