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Indiana Conservation Officer Application Process

The hiring process will take up to six months to complete. Steps:

  1. Take the pre-screening test to see if you meet officer qualifications. Review qualifications. By passing the pre-screening test, you will be added to a database to be notified when we hold a hiring process.
  2. If you pass, you will be invited to register for a written and physical test at a regional location. This written test is similar to the POST exam. The examination tests for basic reading comprehension, mathematics (nothing greater than division), spelling and grammar skills. It is based on a high school level education.
  3. You also must pass a detailed background check, a fit for duty medical screening, panel interview, polygraph test and a psychological test.
  4. If you pass all stages you will be invited to attend recruit training.
    • Recruit school is six weeks.
    • Essential training is nine weeks.
    • Law enforcement academy is 15 weeks.

Pre-screening test is closed.

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