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Welcome to the Lake Michigan Watershed - Sign designed by Kristi Richard

The Lake Michigan Coastal Program (LMCP) supports coordination and partnerships among local, state, and federal agencies and local organizations for the protection and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources in the Lake Michigan region. Through the LMCP, Indiana participates in the Coastal Zone Management Program with 33 other coastal states and territories to protect, restore, and responsibly develop Indiana's coastal area.

Development of the LMCP will make more than $1 million (based on the proposed 2002 Congressional budget) available annually to implement the LMCP and for grants to communities in northwest Indiana. Examples of how these funds might be used include:

  • Protection and restoration of significant natural and cultural resources.
  • Programs to prevent the loss of life and property in coastal hazard areas.
  • Improved public access for recreational purposes.
  • Revitalized urban waterfronts and ports.
  • Improved coordination among government agencies in policy and decision-making processes.
  • Pollution prevention initiatives, including non-point source pollution into coastal waters.

Coastal Program Area

The Lake Michigan Coastal Program is based on a watershed approach. The boundary for the program, the Coastal Program Area, includes those areas that drain into Indiana's portion of Lake Michigan. The Coastal Program Area defines the areas that will be eligible to participate in the program. More information about the Coastal Program Area can be found in Chapter 3 of the Lake Michigan Coastal Program document.

Coastal Program Area (pdf)
Coastal Program Area (.ZIP file containing GIS shapefiles)

History of Indiana Coastal Program Development
Program Development
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Letter
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Letter
Part I: Table of Contents, Introduction and Part II Chapters 1-4 (5.9MB)
Part II Chapter 5 through Part VI (2.1MB)
Part VII: Public Comments section a (4.9MB)
Part VII: Public Comments section b (7MB)
Appendices (2.4MB) The Lake Michigan Coastal Program and Final Environmental Impact Statement (22 MB)
The Lake Michigan Coastal Program and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (P/DEIS) The Lake Michigan Coastal Program Scoping Document - June 2001 Executive Summary (5.7 MB) The Lake Michigan Coastal Program Fact Sheet
The National Environmental Policy Act Fact Sheet

For more information about the Lake Michigan Coastal Program, contact:

Dunes State Park Annex Office:
Indiana Dunes State Park

1600 N. 25 E.
Chesterton, IN 46304
219-250-5418 FAX

Maggie Byrne
Program Manager
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Sarah Nimetz
Grant Specialist
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Coastal Resources Planner
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Grant Assistant
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Brianna Ciara
Special Projects Coordinator
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Kathryn Vallis
Outreach and Education Assistant
Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Indianapolis Office:
402 W. Washington St., Room W267
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-233-0133 FAX

Kacey Alexander
Operations Manager 
Lake Michigan Coastal Program