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Everybody loves to find treasure! So, be your own pirate, make a treasure and bury it for your friends and family to find!

  1. Take a 24" X 24" piece of freezer paper.
  2. On the dull side, not the shiny side, with crayons, pencils or magic markers draw your house.
  3. Next, make a map or layout of your yard and that tree or doghouse in the backyard.
  4. Draw footprints around the yard and to a special place in your backyard.
  5. Put an "X" on the map where the treasure is buried.
  6. Take a small metal tin with something you think would make a good treasure.
  7. Bury it where your mother and father say it's okay. Be sure and mark that spot on your map.
  8. Make a treasure map.

Now see if your brothers or sisters or friends can find the treasure that you have marked on the map. See if someone else wants to try so you can find their treasure, too!