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Eight key objectives have been identified for the Healthy Rivers INitiative. They are:

  • Provide a model that balances forests, farmed lands and natural resources conservation.deer
  • Connect separated parcels of public land to benefit wildlife.
  • Restore and enhance areas of land along the Wabash River, Muscatatuck River and Sugar Creek
  • Protect important habitat for wildlife
  • Open land to the public for recreational activities, such as fishing, hunting, trapping, hiking, canoeing, bird watching and boating
  • Protect important rest areas for migratory birds
  • Establish areas for nature tourism
  • Provide clean water and protection from flooding to landowners downstream

Community Benefits
The Healthy Rivers INitiative will provide ecological and economic benefits of state, regional and national importance. The initiative will establish Indiana as a national leader in wetlands and wildlife protection. The following benefits will positively impact the state’s citizens, visitors and businesses:

  • Quality of Life
  • Economy and Community Development
  • Wildlife
  • Environment