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Tree Seedlings Ordering Instructions

Tree Seedling Order instructions

Online ordering. If you wish to order and pay for seedlings via the Internet, follow this link: (State form approval pending). Click on the Tree Seedling tab and make your purchase. If you are tax exempt, you still must order by mail or fax.
  • If you are ordering by mail or fax, please print or type all customer information. For faster service when placing a telephone order have a completed order form in front of you when calling.
  • For pick-up orders, check the nursery of your choice. Jasper-Pulaski is located in northwestern Indiana and Vallonia is located in south-central Indiana.
  • For FedEx shipping, please provide a complete shipping address.
    • FedEx will not ship to a post office box.
    • Delivery dates are not guaranteed.
  • If a professional tree planter will pick-up and plant your order, list the tree planter’s name and telephone number with the area code.
  • If a pick-up service is available from an agency in your county, list the county, agency, and agency telephone number with the area code.
  • To select species, enter the species code under 1st choice. If you will accept a substitute for that species, enter a substitute species code under the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.
  • Enter the quantity needed. The minimum order is 100 per species or one packet.
  • DO NOT send payment with your order. An invoice will be sent to you and must be paid but the due date to receive trees for spring shipping. Please call or email to confirm we have received your order. Email inquiries should be addressed to with the subject of Order Inquiry.
  • Mail/fax (Cut on the dotted line when sending) or telephone order to:

    Vallonia State Nursery
    P.O. Box 218
    Vallonia, IN 47281
    Telephone: 812-358-3621
    Fax: 812-358-9033
  • The first Monday in October is the first day to place your order.
  • March 1 is the last day to cancel an order and receive a refund (the processing fee is non-refundable).
  • April 1 is the last day to change the shipping method or nursery pick-up location.
  • Your order will be canceled if not paid by the due date on the invoice. Please be aware that the due date is approximately two weeks from the date your order was processed. We accept VISA, MasterCard, personal checks, cash, and money orders. Credit card payments may be made by telephone or by listing the information on the invoice. Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • By submitting an order, you agree to plant the seedlings in Indiana and not resell the seedlings.

Click here for species information including, soil and light needs.

To place your order online, use this link.

To place your order by mail or fax, use this link to print the order form.

To place or pay for your order over the phone, call 812-358-3621.

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