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Submitting a Public Comment

The Division of Forestry welcomes the ideas and suggestions of Indiana taxpayers. We actively solicit public input through several processes. Public input is given serious consideration in the development of strategic and operational plans and management decisions. Submit a public comment.

Three ways to make your voice heard:

  1. Contact a property manager or division staff. Although not all field offices are staffed at all times, email and telephone messages will be addressed. A question, comment or suggestion pertaining to a state forest property decision or action should first be addressed to the property manager. If you feel your comment is not given proper consideration, the State Forester and/or appropriate staff would be your next option.
  2. Open houses are scheduled on an annual basis, usually in late fall to early winter. Locations and times vary from year to year. When scheduled, a news release is issued and the dates, times and locations are available online. Open houses for multiple properties may be combined in a central location. Property personnel at each open house will provide maps and descriptions of upcoming activities, including timber management, recreational developments, recent land acquisition, upcoming management plans, and general issues facing the property. Each visitor is given the opportunity to submit written comments to the property. Comments are considered by each property in finalizing management activities.
  3. Forest management planning is done through a process we call the management guide. Before any forest management activity can take place, property personnel must complete a management guide for a given tract. Specific guidelines for the content and preparation of a management guide can be found in the Procedures Manual. Each management guide is summarized and presented at an open house and/or available online. Guides are posted as they are prepared throughout the year. Indiana taxpayers are given the opportunity to review and comment on management guides through a minimum 30-day comment period for each guide, beginning the date of Internet posting. To submit a comment, review a specific management guide and/or compartment and tract guide and submit the comment online.

A summary of comments received and how those comments were addressed will be posted before management plans are implemented. If you feel your comment is not given proper consideration, submit your comment to the State Forester. Management actions related to your comment will be delayed until the State Forester issues a decision.

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