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State Forest Management

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Your state forests are managed under the policy of multiple-use in order to obtain benefits from recreation, timber production, and watershed protection. They are open to the public for hunting during the season and are actively managed for healthy fish and wildlife populations. Recreational development will not take precedence over natural resource conservation and protection and will continue to be structured on the natural rather than the "built" environment.

Indiana State Forests

State ForestAcresTracts
Clark State Forest 25,603.5 193
Covered Bridge State Forest 592.2 7
Ferdinand State Forest 7,820.8 74
Frances Slocum State Forest 515.7 5
Greene-Sullivan State Forest 9,054.4 83
Harrison-Crawford State Forest 24,287.4 236
Jackson-Washington State Forest 18,415.8 280
Martin State Forest 9,303.9 87
Morgan-Monroe State Forest 24,515.5 248
Mountain Tea State Forest 1,224.2 11
Owen-Putnam State Forest 6,718.3 86
Pike State Forest 5,031.5 45
Ravinia State Forest 1,421.4 11
Salamonie River State Forest 955.8 8
Selmier State Forest 350.4 7
Starve Hollow State Recreation Area 278.0 1
Yellowwood State Forest 24,162.9 208

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