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Planning an Arbor Day ceremony

An Arbor Day ceremony, be it simple and brief or an elaborate all-day observation, can be a delight to children and adults alike. It is especially meaningful to children if they have discussed the history of Arbor Day and have learned how to plant and care for trees before the ceremony is held. A basic Arbor Day ceremony might include:

  1. Greetings by a school principal or civic leader.
  2. Reading a brief history of Arbor Day.
  3. Singing songs and reading poems about trees and tree planting.
  4. Planting a tree together. Children might add a handful of soil brought from home to cover the roots. A small bottle holding the planter's handwritten names could also be placed by the roots.
  5. Completion of planting, along with a demonstration about how to properly water and care for the new tree. If resources allow, it is very memorable to distribute tree seedlings which can be adopted and planted at home

-from "Celebrate Arbor Day" by the National Arbor Day Foundation

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