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Licensed Timber Buyer Application

Indiana DNR Division of Forestry
Timber Buyer Licensing Program
402 W. Washington St. Room W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Timber License Applicant,

The series of web pages and files at the bottom of this page comprise the Indiana Timber Buyers Licensing Packet.
These forms CANNOT be sent online. You can fill the forms out online, but you must print the forms, sign them, and mail them to the address below.

Within these pages you will find:

  • Instructions For Making Application
  • Application for Indiana Timber Buyers License 50313
  • A computation sheet to determine bond requirements
  • Surety Bond 50302
  • Collateral Assignment of Certificate of Deposit 50309
  • Agents Registration 50312

Please read the instructions carefully. When filling out application form 50313, all paragraphs must be completed and the document must be NOTARIZED. Complete and sign two copies
but return only one.

Some of the other forms may not be necessary. If you are already bonded (a surety bond, certificate of deposit, or cash bond), disregard forms 50302 and 50309.

Complete form 50312 for each agent you wish to register.

We are now accepting Visa and MasterCard for payment. Please fill out the payment method form at the end of the application form 50313.

Send completed forms, along with the payment method form, to:
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
402 West Washington St., Rm W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204

If you have any problems or questions, please contact:
Duane McCoy, Timber Licensing Forester, 317-232-4112

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