State Forest Hunting Wildlife Survey

huntersThe Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry is asking hunters to help monitor the abundance and distribution of deer and other wildlife species on state forests. Hunters are uniquely skilled observers in the outdoors and are in a position to provide feedback that can help us better manage the resources of our state forests.

We are asking that after EVERY TIME you go out hunting, you return to this site and take this survey. Even if you hunt in the morning, leave your hunting area, then return to hunt in the afternoon, please consider those two separate hunting trips and take the survey after each trip.  

Guidelines for taking the survey:

  1. To make sure our wildlife abundance estimates are as accurate as possible, it is extremely important that all of your hunting effort is recorded in the survey – even if nothing is seen. If you choose to participate in the survey, please be sure to record all of your hunting activity on state forests during the year, even if you have no wildlife sightings. deer

  2. Use one survey form for each hunting trip, even if you hunt more than once in a single day.

  3. The survey is primarily intended to monitor deer abundance, so even if you are hunting other species, please keep track of the number of deer you see.

Participation is completely voluntary. Also, the survey is completely anonymous as no personal information will be collected.

If  you would like to receive updates about the number of deer and other wildlife on each state forest or receive information about participating in future surveys, you will have an opportunity to submit your email at the end of the survey. Thank you for your help.