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Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee

The Indiana Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee exists to bring together and maintain communication among interest groups and individuals concerned with the management of Indiana’s forest resources and serves as the leadership body responsible for the implementation of the Indiana Statewide Forest Strategy.

The Indiana Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee informs state forest policy functioning to promote communication and understanding of current forest management issues.  The committee promotes the sustainability of forest resources and the improvement of forest management practices in Indiana extending the health, productivity, extent and usefulness of Indiana’s forest resources.

FSC January 2011 meeting

Adapted from: Indiana Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (IFSCC) Mission Statement & Operating Procedures (approved November, 2018)


Open to leaders from all organizations and groups who are interested in the management of Indiana’s public and private forestlands.

Next meeting:  TBA.

September 2018
September 2017
September 2016
June 2015
September 2014

For more information, please call the Division of Forestry at (317) 232-4105.