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Deer After Hunt Survey

For many years, DNR biologists examined deer at physical check stations. Biologists typically recorded age, sex, and other information useful for managing the deer herd. In 2015, Indiana moved to an online game check-in system to make the process more convenient for hunters. To recapture this biological information, the Deer Research Program created an online survey for hunters. If hunters self-report on enough deer, both hunters and managers can better understand deer population biology, ecology, and demographics at the county level. The After-Hunt Survey was tested during the 2017-2018 deer season.

How to participate

All hunters who successfully harvest a deer can participate in the After-Hunt Survey. When hunters complete the electronic check-in process for their deer, they are asked to participate in the online survey and answer questions about that specific deer and hunting experience. The survey also seeks:

  • Customer ID Number
  • Confirmation Number
  • Email Address
  • County of Harvest
  • Sex of deer
  • Number of hours spent actively hunting before harvesting deer
  • Number of bucks, does, and fawns seen while waiting to shoot your doe or buck
  • Equipment used to harvest deer
  • For bucks: type of rack (typical or non-typical), number of points on each side of the rack, spread of main beams, total inches of antler
  • For does: whether or not the doe is lactating (must cut the udder to see, if late in the season)
  • For all deer:
    • Age of deer based on tooth wear and/or other criteria
    • Weight of deer (measured using a scale)

Items you may need to complete the survey:

  • Measuring tape
  • Knife
  • Scale or have the deer weighed at a processor

DNR encourages all hunters to complete the survey to better inform deer management at a county level. The data will be most accurate when the survey is completed soon after the hunt.

If it has been some time since the hunt, you can still participate in the survey with this link.

Survey results can be found in the deer harvest report.