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Project Wet

Project WetProject WET

Project WET is a water-focused conservation education program for classroom and non-formal pre K-12 educators and their students. Project WET materials are correlated to education standards and teach students awareness, appreciation, knowledge, skills and stewardship of water resources.

Project WET materials and programs are grounded in Project WET's core beliefs.

  • Water connects us all: Water moves through living and nonliving systems and binds them together in a complex web of life.
  • Water is for all water users: Water of sufficient quality and quantity is vital for all water users (energy producers, farmers and ranchers, fish and wildlife, manufacturers, recreationists, rural and urban dwellers).
  • Water must be managed sustainably: Water resources management and education are crucial for providing tomorrow's children with social and economic stability in a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Water depends on personal responsibility and action: Awareness of and respect for water resources can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of responsibility and positive community participation.

For more details on the development and organization of Project WET at the international level visit http://projectwet.org/

Project WET in Indiana

In Indiana, the Division of Fish and Wildlife sponsors Project WET and has developed a network of volunteer workshop facilitators who offer workshops locally. Educators can register for a scheduled workshop or if you have 15 or more people interested in training a workshop can be arranged for your group at a time and location convenient for you. A calendar of workshops is located at http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/7548.htm.

You can contact the Project WET program at dfwed@dnr.in.gov or call 317-234-8440. College credit and professional growth points are available to participants who attend a workshop.

project WetWorkshops Offered

Basic Project WET:

No Fee, 6 hours, includes the Project WET activity guide.

Topics include, physical and chemical properties of water, the water cycle, water in life systems, water in earth systems, water as a resource, managing water resources, water in social and cultural constructs. The guide includes 64 interactive lessons.

Healthy Water / Healthy PeopleHealthy Water, Healthy People:

No Fee, 6 hours, includes the Healthy Water, Healthy People activity guide.

Workshops focus on the links between water quality and public health. The guide includes 25 interactive activities.

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands:

No Fee, 6 Hours, includes the WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands activity guide.

Topics include defining wetlands, a history of wetlands, functions of wetlands, wetlands as home, managing wetlands, and conserving wetlands. The guide includes 40 interactive activities.