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What is Go FishIN?

  • DNR’s sport fishing education program.
  • Promotes, supports, and conducts youth and family fishing events.
  • Operates State Fair Fishing Pond
  • Promotes Free Fishing Days.
  • Promotes Go FishIN in the City.
  • Offers Crew Captain workshops. In these workshops, adult educators and youth leaders learn about fish biology, aquatic ecology, angler ethics, and angling skills. These adults become Crew Captains and can bring fishing into their classroom or community.
  • Crew Captains have access to educational materials (Go FishIN Crew Captain Manual, fish ID books, coloring books, posters, etc.) and fishing equipment (Shakespeare spincast rods/reels and tackle boxes containing bobbers, sinkers, hooks, and pliers).
  • In 2015, Crew Captains got 15,000 kids and adults casting, fishing, and/or learning about fish.
  • Go FishIN is now partnering with Fishing's Future a non-profit group that encourages youth to go fishing while reconnecting with their family in the outdoors.

Go FishIN FAQs

Q: Is Go FishIN just about fishing?
A: While fishing is the focus, Go FishIN is an educational approach that uses sport fishing to teach people the connections between fishing, the environment, and their community.

Q: Is there a connection to school curriculum?
A: Yes. Any school classroom can utilize some portion of the Go FishIN program. Go FishIN activities cover a broad range of school subjects, such as ecology, art, biology, mathematics, physical education, health, and even creative writing, while meeting numerous state education standards.

Q: What ages are appropriate for the Go FishIN program?
A: Many of the activities in the Go FishIN Manual and other educational resources are designed for ages 12-15; however, with minor modifications, the activities are applicable to all ages.

Q: Can you teach my group of kids how to fish?
A: Unfortunately, due to lack of personnel, the Go FishIN Coordinator cannot host your group at Fort Harrison State Park nor can he visit your classroom or pack meeting; however, if you attend a Crew Captain workshop, you can learn how to implement the Go FishIN program and teach your kids how to fish. You will be able to use Go FishIN educational materials and fishing equipment anytime you need them.

Q: How much does it cost to attend a Go FishIN workshop?
A: Go FishIN workshops are free.

Q: Once I get trained, will I have to buy fishing equipment?
A: No. After completing a Go FishIN Crew Captain workshop, you will be able to borrow rods, reels, and other tackle from the DNR free of charge.

Q: Do youth need a fishing license?
A: No. In Indiana, anglers under the age of 18 are not required to have a fishing license. To find out who needs a license, please check out the Fishing Regulations.

Q: Will I be able to find a place to fish where I live or work?
A: Yes. For public fishing areas and access sites, use Indiana’s Where to Fish Finder. You can also contact your area Fisheries Biologist. If the position is vacant, contact the Regional Supervisor listed.

Q: Do we have to eat the fish?
A: No. Although fish are a delicious and nutritious source of protein found in Indiana, native fish that are caught can be released back into the water. Special handling techniques taught in the Go FishIN program help reduce fish injuries. If the caught fish is an aquatic invasive species (AIS), it must not be returned to the water. For more information, please read Indiana DNR’s AIS Information.

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