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August additional information

 Minnow Definition and Collection Clarified

As the result of changes made by the Indiana General Assembly this year in House Bill 1563, the DNR now has a new definition of minnow.
“Minnow” is now defined as:

(1)  Species of the minnow family Cyprinidae, except the following:
           (A) exotic species identified at 312 IAC 9-6-7; and
(B) endangered species identified at 312 IAC 9-6-9.
(2)  The following species:
           (A) Sucker;
           (B) Brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans);
           (C) Gizzard shad;
(D) Threadfin shad; and,
(E) Alewife.

Live gizzard shad, threadfin shad and alewife may only be collected, used, possessed, and disposed of in accordance with 312 IAC 9-6-8.

Species in the minnow family Cyprinidae include species such as fathead minnows, shiners, and chubs, but note that exotic species like Asian carp are not included. Minnows can be collected from public waters only with a minnow trap, dip net, minnow seine, cast net, or lawful sport fishing methods authorized in 312 IAC 9-7. Note that species of fish that are not included in the definition of minnow cannot be collected by a cast net, minnow seine, dip net, or minnow trap. For more information about these fishing methods, see the fishing guide at: www.fishing.in.gov.  

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