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  • Caught a fish but need help identifying the species?
  • What do you do if you find a baby or injured animal?
  • How do you eliminate a nuisance animal on your property?
  • What do I do when a wild animal gets in the house?
  • Where can I find answers to questions about deer hunting?
  • If I purchase a youth hunting license when I am 17, but turn 18 before the license has expired, may I still use it?
  • The number of birds in my yard is down. Have all the birds died from West Nile Virus?
  • What kind of snake might be found in or around your house?
  • Does the DNR release venomous snakes, such as rattlesnakes, into the wild?
  • What type of bird is this?
  • Can private landowners be held liable for allowing sportsmen access to their lands?
  • How do I apply for or find out about job opportunities with the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife?

Contact us

The DNR Customer Service Center can be reached at (317) 232-4200 or (877) 463-6367, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For emergencies, contact the DNR Division of Law Enforcement Central Dispatch (812) 837-9536

The Division of Fish & Wildlife can be contacted via e-mail at dfw@dnr.IN.gov Division staff strives to answer questions in three business days.

Contact a wildlife biologist.

Contact a fisheries biologist.

Contact a fish & wildlife property

Mailing address:

Division of Fish and Wildlife
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
402 W. Washington St. RM W273
Indianapolis, IN 46204