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Indiana State Board of Animal Health VHS Pre-Entry Permit Requirements:

VHS Condition Statement for DNR Fish Permits:
Before certain fish species are imported into Indiana from another Great Lakes state the permit holder must obtain importation approval using a Pre-Entry Permit from Indiana's Board of Animal Health (BOAH).

BOAH approval of a pre-entry application is needed before the following species can be imported: see current list of species at APHIS .

A Pre-Entry Permit Application can also be obtained by calling BOAH toll free at: 877-747-3038, extension 310. Other documents needed to process this pre-entry application include:

  1. a valid VHS fish health inspection report on the lot fish intended for shipment, and
  2. a letter from the competent authority for aquatic animal health of the state of origin certifying the intended shipment of fish has been sampled and tested negative for VHS according to approved standards.

An approved Pre-Entry Permit from BOAH must be in possession while the fish are being transported. To export fish from Indiana, it is the permitees responsibility to comply with the receiving State's requirements for fish transfers or shipments from Indiana. The detection of VHS in any fish must be reported immediately to BOAH and the DNR, Division of Fish and Wildlife.

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