Crawfish Frog

Crawfish FrogDescription 

2 1/4-4 ½” (5.7-11.4cm). Large and stubby body with distinct humped lower back when at rest. Irregular dark spots crowded together and surrounded by light borders. Belly white without spots.

Call Description

Loud, deep, resonant snore repeated at irregular intervals. Large choruses sound like hogs at feeding time.

Indiana Range

Southwestern and west-central Indiana. Isolated population in the southeast region. Very uncommon. Endangered in Indiana.


Nocturnal beetles, crayfish, small amphibians and reptiles.


Low, wet areas including moist meadows, prairies, woodlands, and brushy fields. Can be found in crawfish holes.

Breeding Habitat

Flooded fields, fish-free ponds, and small lakes.

Breeding Season

Mid-March to mid-April


Masses of 3,000 - 7,000 eggs attached to vegetation.


Grayish brown to greenish with small black dots on body and tail. Belly is whitish with internal organs faintly visible through skin. Similar to green frog and bullfrog, but has more dark pigment on mouth.