Green Tree Frog

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Green TreefrogDescription

1-2” (3.2-5.7cm). Bright green, yellowish green, olive green, or lime green, may have gold or white flecking. Pale yellow stripe from upper lip to groin. Large toe pads.

Call Description

Call resembles that of a rising ‘cowbell’ and can be expressed by a nasal queenk-queenk-queenk. Call may be repeated up to 75 times within a minute.

Indiana Range

Extreme southwestern Indiana.




Cypress swamps, sloughs, cattail marshes, lakes, and ponds.

Breeding Habitat

Permanent marshes, swamps, or sloughs.

Breeding Season

Mid-May to Early August


Found in small packets under the surface of the water, attached to floating vegetation or its roots.


Long pointed tail. Green with a yellowish or ivory stripe on side of head from snout to eye.