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Snapshot Indiana

  • Fox jumping over creek
    Ever wonder what’s on your property?
  • Deer in woods
    Want to help document wildlife?
  • Turkey in woods
    Your photos help sustain wildlife for future generations.

Curious about capturing photos of wildlife on your property?

What is Snapshot Indiana?

Snapshot Indiana is a volunteer-based trail camera program designed to collect information about a variety of wildlife species on private property in Indiana. Photos collected by volunteers provide insight into trends in wildlife populations.

What does the biologist do with this data?

While trail cameras can’t answer every wildlife question, photos can provide a variety of data for wildlife managers, including reports of animals in new areas or uncommon species for our state such as badger. The primary goal of Snapshot Indiana is to use trail camera photos to look at whether a certain animal’s population is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. Over the long term, this information helps wildlife managers maintain wildlife populations for future generations.

How do people help?

Selected participants set a DNR-provided camera in a location of choice for at least 30 consecutive days during October and November. Preference is given to previous volunteers. Only DNR-provided cameras are used, and all photos and videos collected are the property of the state. Volunteers are sent highlight photos from their property after all animals have been identified.

Questions? Email wildlifeindex@dnr.IN.gov.

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