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Wood Frog

Wood FrogDescription

1 3/8 – 2 ¾”(3.5-7cm). Dark mask on side of face. Tan to reddish brown in color. Dorsolateral ridges same color as body and extends from eye to hip. External eardrum smaller than eye. Smooth skin and white belly.

Call Description

Often described as sounding like a flock of ducks. Short, raspy, quack-like sound that doesn’t carry very far.

Indiana Range

Statewide except northwest prairie region.


Insects, spiders, worms, and snails.


Mature moist forests, forested bottomlands, and swamp forests. Adults are land-dwelling and will venture far from water when they aren’t breeding.

Breeding Habitat

Woodland ponds, bogs, ditches, shallow temporary ponds, ditches, and backwaters of streams.

Wood FrogBreeding Season

End of February to March


Deposited in large globular masses attached to aquatic vegetation. Mass may contain up to 3,000 eggs. Hatch in 2-3 weeks.


Dark green to dark reddish brown to blackish with gold flecks. Belly iridescent and internal organs are visible. Plump body with short tail and high fins. Metamorphoses in 6-15 weeks.

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