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Report A Mammal

Report a Mammal

You can help the Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife by submitting reports of certain mammals of interest. These mammals can potentially be seen from the comfort of your home, on your way to work, or while out biking, hiking, or camping. Compiling observations of these species can help identify local and state-wide trends in these rare or elusive mammals.

Mammals of Interest include a variety of species. Some may be nocturnal and difficult to observe, others may have no resident breeding populations but are visitors to Indiana, and the rest may be common locally but rare elsewhere in the state. The report form also includes species at risk of declining and Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

The report form allows you to submit a photo or brief video to help document the observation. Media of the animal observed would be most useful, though DNR biologists can examine evidence left by the mammal too (tracks, scat, or other signs). Completion of this form is voluntary. Data submitted may be shared within DNR and partners with the discretion of DNR staff. Personal information will be used to process your observation and may also be used for participation in surveys and other secondary purposes. DNR staff will only respond to reports if more information is needed.

What to report

We currently accept reports from the following species. Learn how to identify them:

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