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Pickerel Frog

Pickerel FrogDescription

1 ¼-3” (4.4-7.5cm). Square black spots in two rows down the back, in between both dorsolateral ridges. Ridges occur from eye to hip uninterrupted. Undersides of thighs bright yellow. Gray or tan with a white belly.

Call Description

Low-pitched, steady snore with little carrying power. 1- 2 seconds in duration. Similar to leopard frog, but more regular.

Indiana Range

Statewide except northwestern prairie and lower Wabash valley. May be locally common in areas with groundwater emergence like caves and springs.


Insects, spiders, worms, and insect larvae.


This species has an affinity for caves, springs, and rocky canyons, but may also use farm ponds, swamps, and meadows.

Breeding Habitat

Marshes, wetlands, fishless ponds, creeks and roadside ditches.

Breeding Season

April to May


Globular mass of 700 – 2,900 eggs attached to submerged vegetation.


Olive brown to green with dark spots. Belly iridescent with visible internal organs. Tail lighter than body, transparent tail fins with dark lines.

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