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Crawfish Frog

Crawfish FrogDescription

2 1/4-4 ½” (5.7-11.4cm). Large and stubby body with distinct humped lower back when at rest. Irregular dark spots crowded together and surrounded by light borders. Belly white without spots.

Call Description

Loud, deep, resonant snore repeated at irregular intervals. Large choruses sound like hogs at feeding time.

Indiana Range

Southwestern Indiana. Isolated population in southeast region. Rare. Endangered in Indiana.


Nocturnal beetles, crayfish, small amphibians and reptiles.


Occupies upland crayfish burrows in moist meadows, prairies, and grassy fields.

Breeding HabitatCrawfish Frog

Seasonal to semi-permanent wetlands; fishless ponds.

Breeding Season

March through mid-April.


Masses of 3,000 - 7,000 eggs attached to vegetation.


Brown to greenish, sometimes with small spots. Very similar to southern leopard frog tadpole.

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