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Blanchard's Cricket Frog

Blanchard's Cricket FrogDescription

5/8-1 ½” (1.6-3.8cm). Dark triangle between eyes. Somewhat warty with dark stripe on rear surface of thigh. May have green or reddish stripe on back. Slightly blunt snout, relatively short legs, heavy webbing of hind foot reaching tip of first toe and next to last joint on longest toe. Vocal pouch on males is yellowish. Diurnal.

Call Description

Gick-gick-gick. Like two steel balls, or marbles, clicked together, slowly at first, and then faster. Continues for 20-30 or more beats. Full chorus sounds like sleigh bells. Males call day and night.

Indiana Range

Almost statewide. Uncommon in northern quarter of state.


Aquatic larvae, insects.


Vegetated shorelines of reasonably permanent wetlands including ponds, lakes, gravel pits, rivers, and creeks.

Breeding Habitat

Quiet, reasonably permanent wetlands and streams with abundant emergent vegetation.

Breeding SeasonBlanchard's Cricket Frog

Mid-April to late July. Can be heard after thunderstorms even after the calling season is over.


Attached to submergent vegetation or other submerged objects. Clusters of 200-400 eggs singly or in small clusters. Hatch within a few days.


Identified easily by dark tail tip. Metamorphosis occurs mid July–Sept. Mature within one year.

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