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American Toad


American Toad2-3.5” (5-9 cm). Usually brown in color, may also be shades of gray, red, olive or tan. Warty, dry skin. Dark spots on back typically containing one or two warts per spot. Belly white or cream-colored with mottled black spots. May have light-colored line down back. Parotoid glands ( bean-shaped structure behind eyes) does not touch ridge (cranial crests) behind eye, or only touch by small spur.

Call Description

High-pitched trill lasting approximately 10-20 seconds.

Indiana Range

Statewide, with the exception of the lower Wabash Valley.


Land-dwelling (terrestrial) invertebrates, including insects and their larvae, spiders, earthworms and millipedes.


Found in many different habitats, ranging from backyards, agricultural fields, grasslands and sparse woods.

Breeding Habitat American Toad

Quiet waters, such as temporary wetlands, ditches, swamps, lakes, and backwaters of rivers and streams.

Breeding Season

Late March through June


Up to 2,000 eggs are laid in long strands, which hatch in about a week.


Small, black tadpoles form schools in shallow water. Metamorphosis occurs in six to ten weeks.

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