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American Bullfrog

American BullFrogDescription

American Bullfrogs are 3.5 to 6 inches long. They are dark brown, greenish gray, light olive or yellowish green. American Bullfrogs have a large external eardrum; their feet are fully webbed except for the longest toe; and their belly is cream colored. Males have yellow throats during breeding season.

Call Description

American Bullfrogs make a “Brr-wum” sound slowly repeated at intervals of several minutes. It is a deep bass sound.

Indiana Range



Anything it can swallow, including crayfish, insects, worms and snails. Large frogs will eat other frogs, small snakes, mice and birds.


Ponds, lakes, stock ponds, strip mine ponds, permanent marshes and backwaters of larger streams.

Breeding Habitat

Permanent bodies of water.

Breeding Season

May through July.


Eggs are deposited in a surface film containing 10,000 or more eggs. The egg mass may cover up to 5 square feet. Eggs hatch in two to five days.


Tadpoles are olive green with a white or cream belly, similar to green frog tadpoles. Most tadpoles overwinter and transform the next summer; some may take two years.

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