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Fish & Wildlife Property Rules

In addition to state fish and wildlife laws, each Fish & Wildlife Area property is governed by posted regulations affecting the public use of lands and facilities owned, leased, or licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. Pursuant to the Authority of Chapter 60, Acts of 1919, Chapter 120 and Chapter 353, Acts of 1945, Chapter 221, Acts of 1957, Chapter 406 and Chapter 441, Acts of 1965; and the Indiana Code of 1971, 14-3-3.

Posted Areas

Safety zones, property boundaries, and other restricted areas are marked with appropriate signs.  Read and obey all signs.  Do not trespass on private property.


Violation of any law, rule or regulation governing this property may be cause to forfeit your hunting, fishing, or visiting privileges on Fish & Wildlife Areas.


The Division of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, will not be held responsible for any accidents or deaths occurring from the use of these facilities.


Hunting, fishing, and/or trapping licenses are required to hunt, fish, and/or trap on properties. Collecting permits are required for the collection of anything except nuts, berries, and mushrooms. Property users may be required to sign a daily use waiver and permit card at property sign in areas. Daily permit must be returned to a property drop box at the conclusion of a property users visit. 

For deer hunting, some properties have restrictions on the use of bonus antlerless licenses. Throughout hunting season, there are a variety of hunt and trapping drawings at Fish & Wildlife areas. A property user’s selection in these drawings is often required to hunt and trap certain species or areas. Please contact the property office you are interested in visiting for more details.


Traffic on public roads through the area is governed by state and county laws. No motorized vehicles, horses or bicycles are permitted beyond county roads. Traffic over service roads and trails, except by authorized vehicles, is restricted to walking. Please be courteous to neighboring landowners and do not trespass. Look for property boundary and safety zone signs. Park in designated areas only.


All DNR properties managed by the Division of Fish & Wildlife, unless otherwise noted, have spring turkey hunting hours one-half hour before sunrise until noon (CT) or 1 p.m. (ET). Mushroom hunters are required to stay out of the field until after this time. Contact the property you are planning to visit for more information.

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