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Fish & Wildlife Properties

The Division of Fish & Wildlife manages public lands so Indiana’s fish, wildlife, and habitats can thrive and benefit present and future generations of Hoosiers. These public lands provide excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. Wildlife viewing, walking, and enjoying scenic views are other ways to enjoy your visit. Camping is also an option at Glendale, J.E. Roush Lake, and Willow Slough Fish & Wildlife Areas. Interested in volunteering at a property? Call a property office near you to learn more.


Plan your visit

Enjoy a number of activities. Most activities are available at all Fish & Wildlife Areas. If you’re interested in shooting sports, fishing, or watercraft activities, please know that only some properties can accommodate those activities. Interested in learning about Indiana’s sport fish? Visit one of our state fish hatcheries for a tour.

Prepare for your visit. Along with any activity-specific gear, remember to bring a trash bag, water, hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels with you.

Know where you’re going. If this is your first visit, consider calling the property office. Property staff will help you find the best location on the property for your activities. Property maps can be found online and in the property office. Office hours, contact information, and rules are found on property-specific pages.

Think about an alternative location for fun. You may arrive and find that parking lots are full. Select an alternative location ahead of time so you’ll still be able to get out and have fun safely.

Practice responsible recreation

Responsible recreation means that each of us does our part to keep properties healthy, beautiful, and safe for Hoosiers and Indiana’s fish and wildlife.

Carry out your trash. Bring a bag to carry out your trash and keep Indiana’s public lands beautiful and fish and wildlife healthy.

Enjoy the outdoors safely. Follow these safety measures to help all visitors have a relaxing and enjoyable time:

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Drive 30 mph or less on property roads.
  • Use only designated shooting ranges for target or recreational shooting.
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