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Freshwater Mussels of Indiana List

This list of Indiana's freshwater mussel species was compiled by the state's Nongame Aquatic Biologist based on accepted taxonomic standards and other relevant information.  It is periodically reviewed and updated. References for scientific names are listed at the bottom. Revised September 2021.

Key to Status:  (SC) Special Concern; (SE) State Endangered; (FT) Federal Threatened; (FE) Federal Endangered; (EX) Extirpated; (-) not listed

Common Name Scientific NameStatus
Family: Margaritiferidae
Spectaclecase Cumberlandia monodonta FE, EX
Family: Unionidae
Elktoe Alasmidonta marginata -
Slippershell Mussel Alasmidonta viridis SC
Cylindrical Papershell Anodontoides ferussacianus -
Rock Pocketbook Arcidens confragosus -
White Heelsplitter Lasmigona complanata -
Creek Heelsplitter Lasmigona compressa -
Flutedshell Lasmigona costata -
Giant Floater Pyganodon grandis -
Salamander Mussel Simpsonaias ambigua SC
Creeper Strophitus undulatus -
Paper Pondshell Utterbackia imbecillis -
Flat Floater Utterbackiana suborbiculata -
Mucket Actinonaias ligamentina -
Threeridge Amblema plicata -
Wartyback Cyclonaias nodulata -
Pimpleback Cyclonaias pustulosa -
Purple Wartyback Cyclonaias tuberculata -
Fanshell Cyprogenia stegaria SE, FE
Butterfly Ellipsaria lineolata -
Elephantear Elliptio crassidens SC
Ohio Riffleshell Epioblasma cincinnatiensis EX
Leafshell Epioblasma flexuosa EX
Catspaw Epioblasma obliquata FE, EX
White Catspaw Epioblasma perobliqua SE, FE
Round Combshell Epioblasma personata EX
Tennessee Riffleshell Epioblasma propinqua EX
Northern Riffleshell Epioblasma rangiana SE, FE
Wabash Riffleshell Epioblasma sampsonii EX
Tubercled Blossom Epioblasma torulosa FE, EX
Snuffbox Epioblasma triquetra SE, FE
Spike Eurynia dilatata SC
Wabash Pigtoe Fusconaia flava -
Longsolid Fusconaia subrotunda EX
Cracking Pearlymussel Hemistena lata FE, EX
Pink Mucket Lampsilis abrupta FE, EX
Plain Pocketbook Lampsilis cardium -
Wavyrayed Lampmussel Lampsilis fasciola SC
Pocketbook Lampsilis ovata SC
Fatmucket Lampsilis siliquoidea -
Yellow Sandshell Lampsilis teres -
Fragile Papershell Leptodea fragilis -
Scaleshell Leptodea leptodon FE, EX
Black Sandshell Ligumia recta SC
Pondmussel Ligumia subrostrata -
Washboard Megalonaias nervosa -
Threehorn Wartyback Obliquaria reflexa -
Hickorynut Obovaria olivaria -
Ring Pink Obovaria retusa FE, EX
Round Hickorynut Obovaria subrotunda SE
Bankclimber Plectomerus dombeyanus -
White Wartyback Plethobasus cicatricosus FE, EX
Orangefoot Pimpleback Plethobasus cooperianus FE, EX
Sheepnose Plethobasus cyphyus SE, FE
Clubshell Pleurobema clava SE, FE
Ohio Pigtoe Pleurobema cordatum SC
Rough Pigtoe Pleurobema plenum SE, FE
Pyramid Pigtoe Pleurobema rubrum EX
Round Pigtoe Pleurobema sintoxia -
Pink Heelsplitter Potamilus alatus -
Fat Pocketbook Potamilus capax SE, FE
Pink Papershell Potamilus ohiensis -
Kidneyshell Ptychobranchus fasciolaris SC
Winged Mapleleaf Quadrula fragosa FE, EX
Mapleleaf Quadrula quadrula -
Ebonyshell Reginaia ebenus SC
Rabbitsfoot Theliderma cylindrica SE, FT
Monkeyface Theliderma metanevra -
Purple Lilliput Toxolasma lividum SC
Lilliput Toxolasma parvum -
Texas Lilliput Toxolasma texasiense SC
Pistolgrip Tritogonia verrucosa -
Fawnsfoot Truncilla donaciformis -
Deertoe Truncilla truncata -
Pondhorn Uniomerus tetralasmus -
Ellipse Venustaconcha ellipsiformis -
Rayed Bean Villosa fabalis SE, FE
Rainbow Villosa iris SC
Little Spectaclecase Villosa lienosa SC


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