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Donate to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund

  • Woman holding owl.
    Annual banding of barn owl chicks.
  • Man searching for woodrat
    Monitoring efforts of endangered Allegheny woodrats.
  • Man searching for salamander
    Searching for new populations of rare green salamanders.
  • Man releasing fish
    Seining to assess fish diversity.

lake sturgeon fish being held by a manHelp our nongame and endangered wildlife

There are more than 150 Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Indiana that need your help. Habitat management and conservation programs for these species are supported through the generosity of Hoosiers who donate to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund. No state tax dollars are used to manage these species.

Your donation helps animals such as the endangered barn owl (Video: Live Nest Cam), Allegheny woodrat (Video: Allegheny Woodrats in Southern Indiana) and Eastern hellbender (Video: Releasing Hellbenders in the Blue River).

How to donate:

  • On your Indiana state taxes. If filing with paper forms, use Schedule 5/Schedule IN-Donate. This video shows the process. If donating through online tax programs, you will be prompted to donate at the end of filing.
  • Donate online with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The form is secure.
  • Via mail. Fill out this form and send it with your check or money order to:

Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund
402 W. Washington St. Rm. W273
Indianapolis, IN 46204

If you would like updates on how your donation has helped Indiana's nongame and endangered wildlife, sign up for our e-newsletters.

Every donation can make a difference to our nongame and endangered fish and wildlife. Recent projects include research on endangered aquatic turtles, an outreach campaign to conserve whooping cranes, and restoring populations of endangered freshwater mussels. Learn more about the Nongame & Endangered Wildlife program. Please consider donating today.